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Wire Glass

By Bear Glass NJ

Wire Glass is commonly specified in exit doors and fire rated applications. Bear Glass NJ stocks regular wire glass, most of which can be cut and polished to suit your aesthetic and practical needs.

Wired glass is single glass with an integrated wire mesh which is incorporated during the production process. Wire glass is mostly used for windows because of it exceptional security qualities. Clear wire glass and obscure wire glass is available at Bear Glass. Wire glass typically comes in three types-


Rolled Wired Glass:

It is a type of safety glass - when broken due to mechanical or thermal action exceeding it´s durability it does not shatter or splinter. It can be used in industrial architecture for glazing workshops, sky lighting and any glazed places.

Polished Wired Glass:

Polished Wired Glass is far and away the most well known product in the industry. Used for more than a century, it has a solid track record. It was the only glass that could pass the fire testing.

Abstracto Wired Glass:

This type is patterned (various patterns are available), one can not see through the glass but it still has a transparent appearance.