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Security Glass

By Bear Glass NJ

Bear Glass NJ has fabricated security glass for jewelry cases and other retail environments where theft-prevention is the highest priority. We stock several different thicknesses of laminated glass designed to withstand impact and we specialize in projects requiring strong, yet gorgeous, high security glass.

Benefits Of Using Security Glass / Safety Glass


The principal feature of Laminated safety glass is that the interlayer absorbs the energy impact and hence resists penetration. Although the glass may break, the glass fragments remain firmly bonded to the interlayer, minimizing the risk of injuries.

Sound Reduction

Laminated glass proves an excellent barrier to noise, it has better Sound Transmission Loss as compared to glass of similar thickness in the frequency of 125 Hz to 4000 Hz.

Solar Energy Control

Laminated glass when used in combination with reflective glass, tinted glass or low e glass provides excellent reduction in the Solar Gains as well as reduction of sound transmission through the window.

UV Control

UV absorbing additives in the interlayer in laminated glass can screen out almost all these damaging rays.

Protection from weather and natural disasters

Areas subjected to heavy winds and rain such as hurricanes or cyclones, buildings often need extra protection. Laminated glass can be designed to remain intact and in its frame during the disasters.


Laminated glass is durable, it maintains its color and its strength for a very long time.

Low visual distortion

Laminated Glass is usually glazed in an annealed form, avoiding the distortion caused by roller waves in the tempered and heat strengthened glass. So the facades having laminated glass have sharp reflected images and fewer distortion.

Stock Glass Sheets

Lami Glass Sheet




Stock Sheet Size(inch.)

5000103 3mm 1/8" Clear 48X84
5000106 6mm 1/4" Clear

32X78 28X80 34X 80

84X130 72X96 36X84

5060106 6mm 1/4" Starphire Clear 84"X130"
5090106 6mm 1/4" White 84"X130"
5690106 6mm 1/4" Starphire White 84"X130"
5020106 6mm 1/4" Grey 84"X130"
5010106 6mm 1/4" Bronze 84"X130"
5000110 10mm 3/8" Starphire Clear 84"X130"
5060110 10mm 3/8" White 84"X130"
5690110 10mm 3/8" Starphire White 84"X130"
5000112 12mm 1/2" Clear 84"X130"
5060112 12mm 1/2" Starphire Clear 84"X130"
5090112 12mm 1/2" White 84"X130"
5960112 12mm 1/2" Starphire White 84"X130"
5000119 19mm 3/4" Clear 84"X130"
5060119 19mm 3/4" Starphire Clear 84"X130"
5090119 19mm 3/4" White 84"X130"
5690119 19mm 3/4" Starphire White 84"X130"