Custom Glass Cutting, Carving, & Grooving

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Custom Cutting, Carving and Grooving

Our expert operators and specialized machines can execute any cut out, shape, or glass configuration imaginable.

To cut raw glass sheets or float glass, we use an innovative process that maximizes every square inch of glass in an efficient, automated process that helps us meet the tightest of deadlines. Bear Glass NJ uses two Bystronic cutting lines that begin cutting your order just moments after we enter it. Highly trained technicians then remove the glass, inspecting each piece for flaws or defects and recycling all excess glass.

Any pattern can be designed by engraving a groove in the surface of the glass. Our V-Grooving equipment is capable of producing custom engraved designs (commonly know as V-Grooving), with different profile engraving tools. V-Grooving can be done on any architectural flat glass and mirrors. V-Grooved glass can also be heat strengthened, tempered, and laminated. Custom profiles are also available.