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Colored / Tinted Glass

By Bear Glass NJ

Tinted, or colored glass is produced during the molten stage of glass manufacturing by adding color to change the transparency of the glass. Bear Glass NJ offers the most commonly specified tinted glass colors, such as Gray, Gray lite II, and Bronze, as well as any custom colors you request.

Bear Glass manufactures high quality colored glass surfaces for residential, commercial, retail & hospital applications. Dedicated to new innovation and design, Bear Glass is widely recognized as an industry standerd specializing in high quality back painted glass!

If you are looking to use back painted glass in your project, Bear Glass provides an easy & convenient solution. We have unlimited colors available and will match any paint manufacture color.

Stock Color Glass Sheets




Stock Sheet Size(inch.)

1010103 3mm 1/8" Bronze 48"X84"
1020103 3mm 1/8" Grey 48"X84"
1020105 5mm 3/16" Grey 96"X130"
1010106 6mm 1/4" Bronze 96"X130"
1020106 6mm 1/4" Grey 96"X130"
1030106 6mm 1/4" Peach 96"X130"
1045106 6mm 1/4" Blue 96"X130"
1060106 6mm 1/4" Grev Lite 14 96"X130"
1010110 10mm 3/8" Bronze 96"X130"
1020110 10mm 3/8" Grey 96"X130"
1045110 10mm 3/8" Blue 96"X130"
1010112 12mm 1/2" Bronze 96"X130"
1020112 12mm 1/2" Grey 96"X130"
1010115 15mm 5/8" Bronze 88"X126"
1020115 15mm 5/8" Grey 88"X126"
  15mm 5/8" Blue 88"X126"