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Antique Mirrors

By Bear Glass NJ

Glass has existed for thousands of years. And so has the mirror. However, glass mirrors have only been around for a few centuries. And as the quality of glass improved, so did the quality of the mirrors. Now that flat glass has reached quality levels nearing perfection, glass mirrors are almost perfect as well.

The image reflected by a mirror is now clear, not distorted or altered. But perhaps this perfection has partly subdued the pervasive magic of reflection. The mirror no longer embodies the 'discovery' of 'Narcissus' or the 'peculiarity' of 'Alice'. The mirror is much more faithful and much less magical.

It is the antique mirror that retains the appealing and subtlety hypnotic magic, with its markings and opacities created by the passing time, reflecting a profound, uncertain, fascinating and slightly mysterious image.

We offer 20 different types of Antique Mirrors with exotic colors and patterns; they are available in sizes up to 48'' X 94'' and come in finishes from traditional distress antique to burst of colorful 3D effects. Use it for: walls, framed mirror inserts, furniture, bathrooms, back splashes, or anything you can imagine. We can also create custom antique mirror colors see our gallery for samples.

Bear Glass handcrafts both custom antique mirror and decorative antique mirror that is indistinguishable from actual vintage mirror. Each antique mirror is completely unique and gently aged to fit your specific needs.


Stock Mirror Sheets

Antique Mirror




Stock Sheet Size(inch.)

3060703 3mm 1/8" Light 48"X94" 1/2"
3060103 3mm 1/8" Heavy 48"X94" 1/2"
3060703 3mm 1/8" Gold Vein 48"X94" 1/2"
3060106 6mm 1/4" Light 48"X94" 1/2"
3061106 6mm 1/4" Heavy 48"X94" 1/2"
3060706 6mm 1/4" Gold Vein 48"X94" 1/2"
3060206 6mm 1/4" Light Cloudy 48"X94" 1/2"
3060306 6mm 1/4" Heavy Cloudy 48"X94" 1/2"
3045206 6mm 1/4" Blue 48"X94" 1/2"
3060506 6mm 1/4" Pink 48"X94" 1/2"
3060606 6mm 1/4" Venetian 48"X94" 1/2"
3060806 6mm 1/4" Gold Dot 48"X94" 1/2"
3060906 6mm 1/4" Gold 48"X94" 1/2"
3061006 6mm 1/4" Lunare 48"X94" 1/2"
3061306 6mm 1/4" Cobolto 48"X94" 1/2"
3061706 6mm 1/4" FRENCH 48"X94" 1/2"
3062706 6mm 1/4" Rainbow 48"X94" 1/2"
3063706 6mm 1/4" Fern 48"X96"
3064706 6mm 1/4" Box 48"X96"